Exhibition  Through D.E.O. – Through Dutch Eyes Only
7 October 2016 – 8 January 2017

Location museo Casa Orduña
El Castell de Guadalest
province Alicante
Costa Blanca

CALL5 shows with the exhibition Through D.E.O. an outstanding view of the Mediterranean atmosphere. The individual artists – gathered in a collective – reach a cohesion in their works, being inspired by the rugged mountain landscape and culture of the region around Guadalest and other Spanish influences.

The exhibition will present paintings, photography, video and installation-sculpture.


CALL5 as an artist-collective originated after inspiring meetings in the Spanish countryside.

Elly van den Hout
‘Creation’ is like breathing; inhaling and exhaling with a silence in between. The natural process of creation is visible and perceptible in this movement. In this work she was focused on research for light and color in this region. This results in a series of two-dimensional abstract and spherical work, and video-installations.

Simone Houtman
Houtman’s work has an atmosphere of suspense. You feel that there is something going on, or something is going to happen, but what it is, is not visible. She draws and paints the typical Spanish interiors, the landscape and culture. And, last but not least, of course the beautiful variety of nature.

Rob Meijer
Meijer tries to capture the reality of the environment, which has an own character by history, story and significance. He translates realistic images to abstractions, which then take distance from its source, but in form and especially colour and light again refer to their source.

Hetty van Oordt
The manifest and subconscious motivation of people in relationship to their world provides a contiguous field of interest for Van Oordt. The artist endeavours to evoke a sense of poetry, to entice the viewers’ imagination, and to precipitously confront their sensitivity with new concepts.